Through building strong relationships with our clients worldwide, Luxfair has created a global network which reaches a large target audience. The mission behind this is to further facilitate the delivery of services for the benefit of investors, consumers and all intermediaries concerned.


With great plans for the future, Luxfair Group aims to revolutionise the Real Estate industry in Malta, through the introduction of co-working spaces and cafeterias offering the perfect working environment. Seeking to also set a high bar in the hospitality industry, Luxfair has set the target to open their first hotel by 2021, with plans for more ventures in the near future.

  • 2008

  • Started as Pool Group

    Formally an Advertising company

  • Opened 3 clothing stores

    The group stores located in Hal Qormi, Birkirkara and Sliema which were later sold off

  • 2012

  • The group partnered with Ray Zammit Group

    The group started exploring the construction and development industry

  • 2017

  • Pool Group becomes Luxfair Group

    In 2017 Pool Group rebranded as Luxfair Group in order to diversify its portfolio

  • Launch of Luxfair Developments

    A property development company specialising in developing up Market Luxury Properties all over the Maltese Islands

  • 2018

  • Launch of Luxfair Construction

    8 Luxfair Group invested in construction machinery and equipment and launched Luxfair Construction

  • Equring Chestertons Real Estate

    Late in 2018 the group bought Chestertons Real Estate

  • 2019

  • Luxfair Real Estate

    In 2019 Chestertons was rebranded as Luxfair Real Estate

  • Appointment of new real estate CEO

    In 2019 the CEO of Chestertons, Derrick Maguire, joined Luxfair Real Estate

  • 2020

  • 6 Real Estate Offices

    Today Luxfair Real Estate grew to 6 offices

  • Hospitality

    The group diversifies into hospitality with the Launch of Luxfair Hotels